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         Shenzhen Chuangneng Ruiyuan Electronic Co.,Ltd, established in 2013, is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale and service of LiFePO4(Lithium iron phosphate) Battery Pack and Lithium ion battery pack, NMC Battery Pack, 18650 Battery Pack and so on.Accept OEM & ODM  24 hours 7 days customers service!

          Customized 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V / 60V / 72V / 96V Lithium iron phosphate battery pack(LiFePO4 Battery Module, Wall mount, Rack Module,Stacked Battery Pack),Ternary Lithium battery,Li-Polymer battery,18650 Lithium ion battery pack.
      Products are all widely used in electric vehicles Bicycles,electric motorcycles,low-speed cars,golf balls trolleys,patrol cars Automotive,AGV,UPS,Base station,Energy storage,medical electronics equipment and other customized products.Our company will continue to provide the best electricity energystorage solutions for the needs of customers.